Air freight

At Forbis Logistics we have the Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) license, granted by the United States Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Our network of associated agents allows us to offer air cargo services in the main airports and airlines around the globe, offering competitive rates in the market.

We have experience in transporting oversized loads, including engines, mining spare parts and power plants. In addition, we take care of processing the necessary permits and documentation so that the cargo arrives quickly and safely at its destination.

We are certified by the Transportation Security Authority (TSA) to use commercial flights to transport cargo to any destination in the world, offering specialized solutions such as cargo consolidations, back-to-backs and time-sensitive deliveries.

Our value freighter flight service offers cost savings and greater flexibility in terms of time, being an excellent option for those customers looking for a cheaper alternative. The freighter flight generally leaves two or three times a week, but its cargo capacity is greater.

To satisfy urgent transport requirements, Forbis offers the possibility of having a passenger service on board. Our commitment is to offer the fastest means of collection and delivery of the goods at their destination.